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1️⃣ Not sure what you are looking for?! Aboveground/Semi Inground/Inground this is your best place to start⬇️ Take the time to watch this FB LIVE REWATCH of Pool and Spa Guys Pool Info Session! During the live we go over ALL the different pools as well as answer a ton of FAQ’s from customers regarding filters, steps, salt systems, mineral systems, permits, the process for EVERYTHING💯!!! ⚠️This will give you a GREAT START as to what we offer compared to our competitors and what to look out for when shopping as we know there are A LOT of different products!⚠️


2️⃣ Figure out what you want look wise out of the pool! Aboveground pools are different than semi-inground/inground styles! What LOOK do you want! It is 100% up to the look you want to get in your backyard! 🏝All pools provide the fun you want, the style is just a matter of look! Need ideas check out the pool photos tab under the pool section!! We also have a lot here on FB -->!🏖





3️⃣ POOL SIZE! This is a big one!
•First if there are wires running along the fence/through the backyard the pool has to be x-ft off of them. Each town varies just do a quick search of your towns codes (if no wires, no worries!)🏗
•Second google your town requirements for how far off the fence your pool needs to be (usually between 4-6’). 🏡
•Finally, measure the space, determine how much space you want the pool to take up and then visit one of the pool tabs (aboveground/semi-inground) to look at what sizes we offer for each style!!
***If you are struggling with a size we recommend spraying your grass with spray paint! This way you can visualize the size, that will give you the BEST FEEL of how big the pool is!! If you just cant figure it out put your address in the pool size section so we can Google Earth Measure your yard***

*️⃣We require customers to visit the aboveground or semi-inground pool tabs to request a quote from there after following these steps! This is the best way to ensure receiving a quote from us in a timely manner⏳We have been working day/night on pool quotes so just bear with us. Please only submit 1 form📃If it has been more than 24 hours reach out to us to let us know you didnt receive it, we hay have a typo in the email address!*️⃣

🆕We are booking EXTREMELY FAST!! We have an a HUGE INFLUX of pool customers due to this being the summer of STAYCATIONS we want everyone to have the pool of their dreams and to get a pool that will last you a LIFETIME (not just for this summer)! BOOK NOW to ensure you are SWIMMING NEXT SUMMER📅*️⃣

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